The director, Michael Mann, said: “Your character has scenes with Al Pacino, but if Al doesn’t like you, you can’t be in the movie. So we’re going to have lunch to see if he likes you.” I’m like: “Uh? When?” He goes: “We’re leaving now.” We walked out with my jaw on the floor and went to some high-class Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills.
Al’s like: “Call me Al.” At the end of the lunch, he goes: “Michael, I like him.” Every day on set, I’d go: “How are you, sir?” Al would put his hand on my shoulder, say: “Henry, not so good,” and tell me in great detail about how he’d pulled a muscle in his arm. He was hilarious to be around. There’s one scene where I’m handcuffed, so Al would sit on a couch and keep me company while I was being unlocked: “Someone give me a magic marker. I’m gonna draw a moustache on Henry.”

— Henry Rollins, The Guardian, 23 de Março de 2023