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Publicado em 23/06/2022

I was reminded of an experiment that several of the addiction researchers I interviewed had told me about — the so-called rat park experiment. It’s well known in the field of drug abuse research that rats in a cage given access to drugs of various kinds will quickly addict themselves, pressing little levers for the drug on offer in preference to food, often to the point of death. Much less well known, however, is the fact that if the cage is “enriched” with opportunities for play, interaction with other rats, and exposure to nature, the same rats will utterly ignore the drugs and so never become addicted. The rat park experiments lend support to the idea that the propensity to addiction might have less to do with genes or chemistry than with one’s personal history and environment.

—Michael Pollan, How to Change Your Mind, Allen Lane, 2018


Publicado em 07/06/2022

(…) As the ancient saying goes, In vino veritas: “In wine there is truth.”
But that’s backward. The kinds of conflicts that normally keep our impulses in check are a crucial part of how we form our character. All of us construct out personality by managing the conflit between immediate, near considerations and more complicated, longer-term considerations. That is what it means to be ethical or productive or responsible. The good parent is someone who is willing to temper their own immediate selfish needs )to be left alone, to be allowed to sleep) with longer-term goals (toraise a good child). When alcohol peels away those longer-term constrainsts on our behaviour, it obliterates our true self.

—Malcolm Gladwell, Talking To Strangers, Little Brown, 2019