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Do You Think It’s a Good Skill to Know How To Be Alone?

Publicado em 11/07/2022

— Yes – part of my admiration for him has to do with his aptitude for being alone. Which is actually very unusual. Of course, we know a lot of great artists who must have lived alone and faced this loneliness. But among filmmakers it is less common. Because the job of a filmmaker is a job where you are always surrounded by people – you have to enjoy being with people. And I’m sure Bergman also enjoyed that a lot. There is footage of him on his sets of his films and you can see he actually loved being there, he has this childish smile that is very seductive. But he was able to get away from that at the end of his life as he became darker or more melancholic – he enjoyed solitude more than anything.

—Mia Hansen-Løve, Little White lies, Julho, Agosto 2022


Publicado em 29/04/2022

I admit I often tear up letters myself: one can’t, even at my age, believe that other people want affection or admiration; yea one knows that there’s nothing in the whole world so important. Why is it? Why are we all so tongue tied and spellbound? Why do we live three streets off and yet never meet? I think human beings are fundamentally crushed by a sense of their insignificance.

—Virgina Woolf, carta para Philip Morrell, 3 de Fevereiro de 1938